The Domain Of The Mind

by Amper Clap



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"The Domain of the Mind" is crisp and clean, cold and classy electro from Spanish producer Amper Clap. He has certainly outdone himself, with the elegant title track which might be the best track he´s ever made!
The other tracks prove his excellence and grasp of what modern electro music should be: "Dangerous Acid" dives into acid basslines, "Derangement" is has a madly melodic ambient feel to it, and "Has Aroused" and "Opposite" abound with intricate beats and rhythms that vary and fuel the track. Worth a listen, worthy in a mix, and definitely worth a buy!

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Prolific Spanish Mecha Amper Clap (Battery Park Studio, Alivelab) is back with another milestone of a self-release! In the prolongation of his "The Dome EP" by the end of 2014, amazing "The Domain Of The Mind EP" offers a journey into Sergio Checa's brain.

Meticulously crafted, this brand new digital E.P. gathers together no less than six dancefloor friendly tunes ranging from pure old schoolish to more futuristic Electro, with a sense of end of the world doom characteristic of Amper Clap's sound.

Synthetic "Improvisation" kicks off the E.P. with 80's ambient melodies a la John Carpenter over a moody Electro rhythm, giving the tone of a much anticipating release with nostalgic touches. The title track instantly follows and merges powered beats to nice Speak'n'Spell like vocals, leading the listener to dark landscapes surrounded by an intricate unknown lifeform presence. Ace!

Nightmarish "Derangement" goes harder with rough kicks, SciFi effects and a quicker tempo. Brilliant! Combination of sonic analogue frequencies, haunting melodies and echos, groovy "Has Aroused" coming next serves up a retro slaughter with ravey influences, while creepy "Opposite" signs nothing short of a horrific tune made of alien voices, percussive 808s, and lethal layers. Superb!

Supported by a loud bassline, final track "Dangerous Acid", my favorite, sounds like a funky ode to old school Electro, fusing robotic harmonies, 303 loops and cosmic arrangements like atoms in a nuclear station.

From A to Z, brainwashing "The Domain Of The Mind E.P." guarantees to put you in a circle. Highly recommended!

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released February 5, 2015

Amper Clap Productions: AMPRC-09



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Amper Clap Productions Jaén, Spain

DJ and Producer. A fan of electronic music. He is the founder of Urban Connections, a label born of the need to strengthen the electronic scene by joining well-known artists with shadow artists with great potential.

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