Human Exterminated

by Amper Clap

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Vinnie-08 pure electro, track M-42 is just brilliant and with an old skool break in there as well...sorted!!! Favorite track: M-42.


Includes the track "Human Exterminated", "Human Exterminated" is the second act of "Operation, Exterminate Humans"


Spain counts numerous Electro talents among other pioneers like Boris Divider and Ivan Arnau aka Dark Vektor, but also Weapons Of Bass Destruction, or Spectrum Data Forces just to name a few. Amper Clap belongs to the new generation of producers emerging since 2005 on the underground electronic scene. Follow up to the highly recommended two tracker E.P. "Operation, Exterminate All Humans", his brand new sixth self-published digital release sees Sergio Checa going back to a darker sound.

"Human Exterminated" kicks off where the first chapter left in 2013 plunging us one more time in Amper Clap's vision of a futuristic world devastated by an alien invasion. Combination of vintage analogue synth sequences, pulsing bass line, and clinical melodies, Downtempo "Contact" signs a poignant encounter of the third kind featuring floating synth layers over sonic atmospheres and a lush music spectrum. Ace! Surrounded by dark mind-blowing spacey melodies, the title track coming next displays a nightmarish atmosphere to serve up an instant classic empowered by lethal 808 programming. Haunting yet magnificent synth flights relayed by sparse vocodered voices will progressively destroy all the barriers that prevented you to dance. One of the best Electro tracks of the year 2014.

Fusion of devastating beats and low frequencies, "M-42" offers another milestone of a tune based upon abstract tonalities and a well balanced breakbeat rhythm, while infectious funk infiltrates your mind as if you were the experiment of a telepathic assault! Addictive synthetic music inside, completed with nice robotic lyrics. Final cut "Are Here" distinguishes itself by the use of catchy synth layers and appealing vocoderized lyrics, sounding like another charmer guaranteed to put you in a circle. Propelled by a solid orchestration, and supported by a loud bassline, this sci-fi track offers a sumptuous conclusion to a high class release.

From the darkly soulful of "Human Exterminated" to the nostalgic Electro tinged "M-42", passing through the timeless beauty of "Are Here", the essence of Amper Clap and its roots are deeply embedded within this essential release. Full support!

Nexus 6 -


released May 28, 2014

Catalog Number: AMPRC-06



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Amper Clap Productions Jaén, Spain

DJ and Producer. A fan of electronic music. He is the founder of Urban Connections, a label born of the need to strengthen the electronic scene by joining well-known artists with shadow artists with great potential.

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